Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Snow is on the ground in Boston as we wake up this morning. But they tell us spring has started and the days are longer.

I am starting to think about our New England sailing and the mighty CHARIAD. I will admit to mixed feelings about “sailing” while looking out the window at snow and remembering the warm night sailing across the Gulf Stream to Havana. Sailing in July and August off the coast of Massachusetts and Maine is a very different experience than sailing on the warm waters of the Caribbean with coral reefs and colorful fish just under the surface. Not better or worse. Just different.

CHARIAD Website Is Re-Launched

I am excited to announce that the CHARIAD website has just been re-launched.

Please visit the site for a great overview of the crew and the boat’s many accomplishments. And yes, pictures and stories.

More than two years ago, the underlying platform for the site was hacked and our site stopped working. Thanks to the hard work of Jennine Blum and Craig Holmes, we finally have the site back. We now have a platform for sharing our experiences and stories about sailing. The site tells more of our story and is more robust and comprehensive.

Please share the site with all your sailing friends. Tell the CHARIAD story and invite them to engage with our community and our gatherings.

Crew Recruitment

You know my annual “spring story” is about our racing crew. Many of the Friends of CHARIAD are folks who have raced on the boat but cannot actively race now because of job changes, kids, marriage, retirement, moving, etc. We have a wonderful crew, and each year we usually have a little turnover.

My spring story to the Friends community is “share the CHARIAD story with your sailing friends.” If there is someone in your world who might be a good fit for the team, suggest they take a look at the website. If they are interested, I am happy to talk to them about our plans for the season.

We are open to talking to crew members who can make a commitment to a number of races and practices. Folks will sometimes say, “give me a call if you need someone for a race.” Those folks never work out. We want crew who want to be part of the CHARIAD team and not just floaters from boat to boat.

Ted Hood Regatta Chariad crew 2017

March in Marblehead

Last Sunday, I drove up to Marblehead just to see the harbor again.

Marblehead Harbor in March before CHARIAD is moored for the sailing season

A beautiful day with no boats on the moorings.

CHARIAD is wintering in Little Harbor Boat Yard, Marblehead, MA

This is the Little Harbor boat yard where CHARIAD is spending the winter. She is just to the right of the big white boat to the right of the red crane

In another two weeks or so, we will be on the boat getting her ready for another wonderful season on the water.

I hope this note finds you well.