Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

My first report to you on the Hood Regatta last weekend has been fact checked and needs some updating and clarification. And we have off the boat pictures from the regatta.

Those of you who know me well understand I will not recognize misspelling my own name. The correct spelling of the boat that finished 2nd in our class was Sirocco.

The racing on Sunday was cancelled because the conditions were too rough for the race committees and the smaller boats. I reported that the race committees did come out of the harbor while we were at sea on station. Steve Herman and Kathy Gunst were on the Boston YC race committee boat. They report that they were on station and were able to get an anchor down. The Corinthian YC boat was not able to get an anchor to hold. The Eastern YC managed our line and they were the lead race committee for the regatta. I did not see them out where we were on Sunday.

I said while we were going out to the starting area on Sunday that this was a bad day to be on a race committee boat.

Here are two images from Friday and Saturday when the wind was lighter.

CHARIAD racing in Ted Hood Regatta

This was the going home scene at the end of the day on Saturday.

CHARIAD crew coming home after Ted Hood Regatta

Enjoy Labor Day weekend.