Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

CHARIAD and the CHARIAD Crew are now sailing.

After weeks of social distancing, small teams at the boat yard, face masks, fear and uncertainty,  and “we will make this happen,” the CHARIAD team sailed off her mooring in Marblehead Harbor last Sunday. We SAILED over to Manchester Harbor. Kevin Fisher took this selfie to prove we were there.

In the CHARIAD tradition, we tacked back and forth upwind to the end of the Harbor, gybed and sailed back down the Harbor and out into Salem Sound.

Cool day with periods of drizzle. I was joyful! I believe I am sharing the feelings liberation felt by the rest of the gang. We were not tethered to a computer,  on a Zoom call, or sitting at home watching Netflix. I felt FREE.

We sailed past Baker’s Island and back to Marblehead. And, of course, sailed onto the mooring. We don’t need no stinken’ engine. OK, yes the engine is working and has new coat of paint. Think of a teenager with a bazaar streak of hair color. The engine look something like that.

Kevin took this shot of the 1st sail gang. What a day!

CHARIAD first sail crew with COVID masks

Yesterday, we went sailing again. We put wind instruments on the top of the mast and went out for a few practice drills. Shaking the leg.

Bill Nichols is trying to bend the mast – something like that.

CHARIAD crew Bill Nichols and the rest of the gang

Chris Hardy is holding the mast up.

CHARIAD Chris Hardy climbing sailboat mast

The rest of us are talking about lunch.

Masked CHARIAD sailing crew considering lunch

No races are scheduled yet. The written state regulations prohibit sailing regattas even though being on the sailboat is permitted. A clear example of ignorance by government regulators if any evidence is needed. An effort is underway to lobby whoever writes these regulations.

Kevin grabbed this image of me. I thought it was fun so you get to see it.

CHARIAD skipper Rick Williams on first sail of the season

I got a haircut last week for the first time in months, I took the COVID test, I went sailing for the first time, and I am essentially finished writing my book. And I have the CHARIAD team as part of my life. What a week!

To quote from my book, we create the future by the choices we make. This is a challenging time for all of us. I hope the accomplishments and experiences of CHARIAD team will be an inspiration for you. You will create your life by the goals you set and the choices you make.

Aim high,