Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Please come to a Friends of CHARIAD Gathering.

After much clamoring and a growing roar of voices asking when Richard was hosting our party, Richard Sides has again graciously or foolishly offered to host the Friends of CHARIAD at his home in Marblehead.

End of the sailing season and its will be fall and changing of the seasons. We know all sorts of good reasons for a gathering of Friends.

Many of the CHARIAD Friends are across the globe and far from Boston. This is a good excuse to come to Boston and share the fun time. If you cannot make it, you will be in our thoughts.

Gathering Details


Sat. September 29


6:30 PM to whenever

Your Contribution

If you want to eat it or drink it, bring it. And some to share. If you like to make something special to bring and share, that adds to the fun.


Richard has an outdoor grill and an indoor oven. Assume that those are the only “cooking options.”


No RSVP required. The info would not be useful. Any questions? Come back to me.

Think of this gathering as a hike on pristine wilderness. Bring what you need and carry out what you bring.

The big picture objective for each of us is make this as easy as possible for Richard so he will have us back.

My California Trip

OK –  Here are three images from my California trip at the end of August and early September. Big picture – weather much nicer in LA area. Cool and foggy on the coast near San Francisco.

Frank Gehry designed Disney Concert Hall in LA. This is the LA equivalent of Boston’s Symphony Hall.

We usually think of California as Hollywood, LA, Napa Valley, and San Francisco. Much of the state is large scale agriculture. Trees and native vegetation are tropical and typical of an arid climate. These are leaves from a plant west of Monterey that goes to a lot of trouble to store water.

Going to the Aquarium in Monterey should be on everyone’s high priority wish list. The jellyfish are truly amazing.

Clint Eastwood was mayor of Carmel for a while. I spoke with a woman who got to know him while he was mayor. She said he was shy and quite timid. Quite different than our “make my day” image of him.

If you come to our Friends Gathering, you will make the party even more fun.

I hope to see Saturday.