Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

The CHARIAD team finished 1st last weekend and 2nd yesterday. The 2nd place finish in a six boat Jubilee YC race was the more important competition.

In winds from 10 to 15 knots with higher guts, we sailed a ten legged course inside Salem Bay. Lots of tacks with the NE wind shifts and lots of spin work. Eventually, the race settled into three boats competing at each mark. The last leg was a one mile spin run to the finish. At the windward mark, we rounded the mark close behind a J 105 and a Tripp 33 rounded close behind us. Both boats owe CHARIAD time on the handicap system. We would have easily won the race if that was the finish.

Some combination of our falling in light spots and our less than optimum sailing allowed both boats to finished before us. With handicaps applied, we finished 2nd – 29 seconds behind #1. That is 29 seconds after ten legs of racing over two hours. The boat finishing 3rd was four minutes behind us.

The Team on board after we got back to the BYC is above.

I don’t believe there will be any “season” or fall season awards this year. If there were, we would be doing well because we are racing regularly. Other boats are racing intermittently. The two boats that finished ahead of us for the Ted Hood Regatta have not competed against us since then.

Looking Ahead

CHARIAD has two more races this season. The last is a pursuit race hosted by the Eastern YC. Always a lot of fun trying to catch the slower boats in front and holding off the faster boats starting after us.

I have organized a couple Social Sails in the middle of everything else happening. If I see a weekend day that looks promising for a Social Sail, I will let you know. These outings with good friends sharing their lives and experiences is a joy to me. More of you wanted to be on board than could safely fit for the last sail. Speak up early if you want to come.

Fantasy Land

OK,  this is in the indulge Rick category.

Several years ago, I wrote lyrics for a sailing song called Fantasy Land. The song is intended to capture the experience of the racing crew and be song in a Jimmy Buffet style. Gabe Mininberg joined the team this season after graduating with a music degree from Yale. Yes, Yalies are allowed on the boat.

Gabe took on the task of creating music to go with the lyrics. He and a friend recorded the song — Fantasy Land

Gabe took words on the page and created a song. Super treat for me. I hope you will listen and enjoy. Best to listen at home where you can hear the music.

After listening to this take, we agreed that the voice should be stronger and the tempo faster, but the song is great for what it is.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Be well.