Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

CHARIAD made her fall migration from Marblehead Harbor to Beverly on Sunday.

Chris Hardy went up the mast to get the wind instruments.

We took pictures of the rigging in hopes we would remember how to put it back together in the spring.

chariad rigging documented

I fundamentally do not trust engines, particularly on boats. Taking the sails off the boat and motoring to Beverly was traumatic for me. But I kept my fears to myself.

As we left Marblehead, Lasers were racing just outside the harbor.

CHARIAD sailing in Marblehead Harbor with view of Lasers racing

The scene was both wonderful and sad. We were ending CHARIAD’s racing

We motored to Beverly. Beautiful day to be outside and on the water. By the end of the day, CHARIAD was on the dock with no sails and no boom. She was mostly ready to come out of the water.

Chariad at dock with no sails and no boom

This has been a crazy and difficult year for all of us. CHARIAD brought a focus and purpose to many of her team. We eventually did race some races and won awards. No awards ceremonies. At best, we could pick up an award when no one was around. I was given our Ted Hook awards from the trunk of a car in a parking lot.

But this sailing season was not about awards. Some team members could not engage. New crew joined the team. Some friendships and bonds grew stronger.

The bonds that grew stronger this season were important to me. I did not anticipate their importance initially. But I can to understand the reward I was receiving from my efforts to bring meaning to my life and the CHARIAD community during these challenging months.

I hope each of us will re-connect in the new year.

Be well.