Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Join other fabulous Friends of CHARIAD and the successful crew for a BBQ Sat. Oct. 5 in Marblehead.

After much clamoring and a growing roar of voices asking when Richard was hosting a party, Richard Sides has again graciously or foolishly offered to host the Friends of CHARIAD at his home in Marblehead.

End of the sailing season and its will be fall and changing of the seasons. We know all sorts of good reasons for a gathering of Friends.

Many of the CHARIAD Friends are across the globe and far from Boston. This is a good excuse to come to Boston and share the fun time. If you cannot make it, you will be in our thoughts.

Gathering Details


Saturday, October 5


6:00 PM to whenever


28 Orchard Street, Marblehead, MA  01945

Your Contribution

If you want to eat it or drink it, bring it. And some to share. If you make something special, you will add to the fun.


Richard has an outdoor grill and an indoor oven. Assume those are the only “cooking options.”


No RSVP required. Any questions? Come back to me.

Pictures from Our Racing

An on the water photographer captured the CHARIAD team on the water last Sunday during the Manchester Yacht Club Fall Regatta.

CHARIAD has just tacked and is starting to go up wind.

CHARIAD sailing upwind after tack

In this picture, CHARIAD is crossing with Escape Velocity. EV won class A and CHARIAD won class B.

CHARIAD crossing Escape Velocity

Remember the finish of the 1st race last Sunday where we carefully rode a very light wind across the finish line while several boats from Class A and B were stalled in front of us.

This is the image as we are coming to the finish line. CHARIAD is the boat in the distance in the middle with the red stripe spinnaker.

CHARIAD approaching finish line

The boats in the foreground are A boats which started about 8 minutes before us. The race committee boat is on the right marking the finish line.

A boats with race committee boat

In this image, we are finishing in front of the A boats. Not a pretty scene but we made it work.

We have our last spinnaker race Sunday. Looks like good wind.

Our BBQ is next weekend. Our last non spin race is Sat. Oct. 12.

See you at the BBQ.