Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Tomorrow will be the 1st full dress CHARIAD crew practice day. We will be doing spinnaker drills and rebuilding our skills tacking and going fast.

No races are scheduled yet, but the Eastern YC is talking about doing their annual July 4th regatta – on July 3rd. Don’t ask me?

The Challenge

Some have asked, “Why are you practicing to race when no races scheduled?” Within the sailing community, there is an expectation that racing will soon get underway. And we want to be ready when that happens.

But there is a broader question about how we live our lives in this “new world.” Staying at home not challenging ourselves has always been an option. Those who choose to be part of the CHARIAD team are challenging themselves by joining a high expectations and high performance community. At a time when so many have withdrawn to places of isolation, I want to live as full a life as I can within the boundaries of safety. Getting CHARIAD in the water and getting its great crew back on board is one way for me to set goals and live a life with challenge and adventure.

COVID-19 risks are real, and we wear masks on the boat. We are also creating a life for ourselves that is more than Zoom and Netflix.


If someone in your network may be looking for an opportunity to join our team and live a more challenged life, have them take a look at our website.

I am happy to talk to them about the racing program what it is like being part of the crew. You have heard me say this before, but I am only looking for folks who want to be part of the regular crew and not “call if you need someone to full in.”

Lockdown Video

During the height of the lockdown, we asked crew members to take a selfie or short video of themselves as they were locked down. Armaan Bhojwani took the selfies and made this video.

Big thanks to Armaan for putting this together.

I hope you are taking advantage of this wonderful, finally summer weather. And I hope we will be together in person soon.

My best,