Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

The CHARIAD Team raced in the three day Ted Hood Regatta sponsored by the Storm Trisail Club Aug 21, 21, and 23.

We finished 3rd in a highly competitive fleet. 13 SECONDS was the difference over eight races between our finishing 3rd or 1st for the regatta.

At the end of the first day of racing and four races, CHARIAD was #1 in our class. At the end of Day 2, we were still in 1st place but tied with two other boats. We finished 5th in one of the Sat races after a big spin problem and could not throw that race out.  Our finish in the other race on Sat was 4th but 13 seconds out of first place. The 13 seconds in that race became the difference between our finishing 3rd in the regatta and 1st.

Ted Hood Regatta first major facing regatta for CHARIAD 2020

Friday was a great sailing day with 12 to 17 kt winds. We finished 1st, 2nd, 1st, and 2nd. Sat and Sun started with floating around for at least an hour waiting for some wind the come up.

CHARIAD sailing in Ted Hood Regatta 2020

Remember that the crew had done only ONE official race before this regatta for the entire season. Racing has been prohibited. Until the last minute, I was not certain the regatta would go ahead. The Boston YC had withdrawn as the host club.

CHARIAD at Ted Hood Regatta 2020

We had a big snafu with one spinnaker take down that earned us the 5th place finish. Other than that incident, the team sailed very competateively for every minute of eight races over three days. I am so proud of the accomplishment of the entire team.

At this difficult time when many are withdrawing from engagement and have put their lives on hold, the CHARIAD team created this opportunity to challenge themselves to be their best.

OK, the racing was over Sunday afternoon. There were NO onshore activities. No celebrating, no telling stories, no meeting other crews, and no awards ceremony. After a regatta several years ago, we ran the CHARIAD battle flag up the flag poll at the Eastern YC.

There would be no celebration of our accomplishments or our time together unless we created it.

Chris and Stuart take swim off sailboat after Ted Hood Regatta

Chris and Stuart swam off the boat when we got back to the mooring. We toasted to our successes and failures (learning opportunities) with cheap Champaign. Rum was poured.

While we sat on the boat Sunday afternoon, an amazing weather front came through.

Clouds wind and rain after Ted Hood Race

Big wind and rain swept the harbor before we could get off the boat.

Boston Yacht Club coach gets hugs from CHARIAD crew

Wet and proud of our accomplishments, we hugged on the BYC porch.

CHARIAD crew successful at Ted Hood Regatta 2020

I have a side story that happened during the regatta that I will tell separately.

Make the most of every day, of every minute, and of every second.