CHARIAD Update & Friends Gatherings – Favor to Ask

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: The fall has been a sailing blow out for the mighty CHARIAD. Since I returned from my Lewis & Clark Trail of Discovery adventure, we have only raced once. Weather has been terrible. In New England, the changing of the seasons is a time of sadness – end of sailing season – and a time of joy – the glory of fall. Today, we are [...]

Lewis & Clark – Voyage of Discovery – My Report

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: I am just back from two weeks retracing much of Lewis and Clarks Voyage of Discovery starting in Bismarck, North Dakota, and ending by standing in the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Columbia River. I hope you remember that Pres. Thomas Jefferson had just completed the purchase of the Louisiana Territory – the unknown land west of the Mississippi River starting in New Orleans [...]

Lewis & Clark Trail – My Trail of Exploration

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Next week, I begin retracing much of the Lewis and Clark Trail of Exploration. They were chartered by Pres. Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly acquired northern reaches of the Louisiana Purchase and try to find a waterway to the Pacific Ocean. They established the American claim on what is now the upper Mid-West, mountain west, Washington and Oregon. The maps and vast collections of plants [...]

CHARIAD Wins Corinthian YC Race

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD’s Last Race The Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead hosted a long distance race this past Sunday. We “won” Class B, but the race committee said we had frightened off other competitors and we were the only boat in Class B. The race was a long spin leg down to Boston and an 8 mile beat back to Children’s Island off Marblehead Harbor plus another [...]

She Swims!

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: The mighty CHARIAD swims again. She was launched for the 2016 sailing season this past Thursday. Each of us marks the progression of the year in different ways. For me, gathering the CHARIAD crew to go to the boat yard marks the transition from winter to spring. Launching the boat marks the transition from spring to summer. April is still on the calendar. The seasons have [...]

CHARIAD Welsh Christmas & Web Site Launch

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: You are getting two notes from me because I talk too much and I am disappearing for a couple of weeks. New Website On Tuesday, I am launching a new web site about my CEO and board advisory work. You can get a sneak preview and check out the site at Some of you will see the announcement, but most will not because you are [...]

Special Request

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: I want you to take a moment to hear the story of a close “Friend” and to take another moment to help our friend. Maureen McKinnon has already won the Gold Medal sailing in the Olympics. Maureen is campaigning to win the gold again in the next Olympics. Here is the rest of the story. When Maureen gets up in the morning to begin her day, [...]

September 11, 2015

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: I attended a luncheon today at the Boston Harbor Hotel hosted by the Boston College CEO Club. The hotel has an enormous flag flying under the rotunda. The dean of the BC business school asked for a moment of silence to remember the 14 BC alumni who died Sept. 11. The attack on Sept. 11 and the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria are being [...]

Spring – I Think and Hope

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: We have our seasonal rituals – Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July. April is a ritual month for me. Boat work Crew recruitment I have to share one last image for our Friends who are not in Boston. The temperature is mostly in the 40s and we had a lot of rain last week. Most of the snow is gone though there are still piles everywhere. This car [...]

Record Snow – Now Summer

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Official snow fall record in Boston was broken on Sunday. We have had 108.6 inches of snow so far in the 2014/2015 winter season. In the era of Global Warming, Boston has had more snow that ever recorded before. Since Boston is the Center of the Universe – actually Cambridge if you are on that side of the river – this is important. Lyman Opie built [...]

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